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Seeking Insights into Rare Diseases, Pfizer Scales AI Analytics Platform

Wall Street Journal

Data science shouldn’t be confined to mathematicians, says CIO Jeff Keisling. Pfizer Inc. leverages Alation as part of its recently-built analytics platform to help employees from different divisions within the company collaborate in an effort to identify patients with rare diseases that might previously have gone undiagnosed.

Data catalog software takes open data initiative to the streets


“The Alation software helps you look at query logs,” said Maksim Pecherskiy, chief data officer for the City of San Diego. “It also provides a web interface that supports self-service for users.” Having such an “abstraction layer across the diverse systems” is an essential element in the City of San Diego’s open data initiative, he […]

4 data analytics trends that will dominate 2018


“The new dumping ground of data — data lakes — has gone through experimental deployments over the last few years, and will start to be shut down unless they prove that they can deliver value,” says Ken Hoang, vice president of strategy and alliances at data catalog specialist Alation. “The hallmark for a successful data […]

Five Tips for Winning at Data Governance


“Alation is the consistent interface, no matter where that data lies,” says Stephanie McReynolds, VP of marketing at Alation. “That reduces the boundaries or the barriers for analysts and data scientists to access that data. They don’t have to be concerned about, on a day by day basis, where data sets have been moved to. […]

Data cataloging vendor Alation adds channels exec to build out partnering strategy


San Francisco-based Alation has made a significant move to develop its channel strategy with the appointment of Ken Hoang as vice president of strategy and alliances. Hoang has been putting together a strategy and infrastructure to support a select channel of systems integrators and vendor partners, to significantly broaden Alation’s go-to-market capabilities and extend its […]

51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions for 2018


Since these algorithms are “garbage in, garbage out” and since the results of garbage-output are becoming ever more consequential, high quality training data will become a coveted resource, like oil for the information age. The sharpest human minds in tech may even shift their attention from creating algorithms to feeding those algorithms the best data […]

Alation Promotes the Adoption of Infonomics in Latest Release

Database Trends and Applications

Alation Inc., the collaborative data company, is updating its platform with increased support for chief data officers looking to manage their data as an asset. Alation 5.0 will include new features and a services package to make data asset valuation simple by promoting the adoption of Infonomics.

Data is only valuable when used by people to make better decisions


“The thing we’ve observed, a lot of people in the data space are concerned about the data itself. We’re really concerned with the human side of it. Data is only valuable if it’s used by people,” said Aaron Kalb, head of product at Alation Inc.

Alation Adds Cloud Storage Access From Hybrid Environments


Making file system and streaming data more directly accessible has been a holy grail, especially for organizations looking at cloud deployment. Now that Amazon has opened the door to S3 cloud storage with Athena and Redshift Spectrum, Alation is expanding its data catalog to offer similar access that can extend to hybrid environments.

Alation and Paxata Deliver Governance for Insight for Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Data Lake

Database Trends and Applications

Alation and Paxata have announced a partnership and integration to simplify the establishment of trust in the data lake. Alation is a provider of software for collaborative data cataloging to enable analysts and information stewards to search, query and collaborate for faster, more accurate insights.

Constellation ShortList Data Cataloging

Constellation Research

Alation is one of two solutions named in the Constellation ShortList. Constellation evaluates over a dozen solutions categorized in this market. The Constellation ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

Alation raises $23 million for its data cataloging software


Alation, which provides software that allows businesses to have a single source of reference for their data, today announced funding of $23 million, in a round led by Icon Ventures. New investor Harmony Partners, as well as existing investors Costanoa Ventures and Data Collective, also joined.

Cataloging Alation’s Growth Potential


Super-fast processors and snappy visualizations may elicit “oohs” and “ahhs” from the big data masses. But here’s the thing: the best analytics setup isn’t worth a dime if you can’t find the right data to analyze in the first place. That was the discovery that Alation made when it created the data catalog product category two years ago, and it continues to be the company’s focus going forward.

Self-Service in the Enterprise: How Much Is Enough?

IT Business Edge

Arthur Cole of ITBusinessEdge published an article on how self-service puts the power of infrastructure into the hands of those who can best make the use of it, and referenced a quote from Stephanie’s insideBIGDATA byline where she advised organizations to incorporate data curation as a key element to any self-service data environment.

Alation strives to solve the data quality debate


Aaron Melgar of siliconANGLE published an interview John Furrier of theCUBE had with Satyen Sangani at SAP Sapphire Now conference that discusses how processing data can help improve the quality of data to ensure high-quality analytics and processing.

2017 Big Data 100: 35 Coolest Data Management and Integration Vendors


The Alation data catalog system combines elements of machine learning with human insight to create an inventory of an organization’s data assets, helping data-driven businesses more easily find, understand, use and govern their data for making faster and better decisions.

MicroStrategy Announces Alation Integration Into Flagship BI Tool

Solutions Review

Alation’s Head of Product Aaron Kalb concludes: “With our new SDK, Alation offers the first embeddable data catalog browser for analytical tools, and a hassle-free implementation that brings the power of a collaborative data catalog directly into the workflow of the data consumer. We’re excited to be working closely with MicroStrategy and making it simpler than ever for our joint customers to discover and share data knowledge.”

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 4/24/2017


MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, announced that MicroStrategy 10 is now integrated with Alation Data Explorer, the search and discovery interface of collaborative data company Alation. With this integration, customers have access to a data catalog directly within the MicroStrategy interface and can seamlessly conduct self-service enterprise data discovery and analytics in the MicroStrategy platform, enabling them to make faster, data-driven business decisions.

MicroStrategy and Alation Partnership Offers Broader Access to Data for Discovery and Governance

Database Trends and Applications

MicroStrategy 10’s integration with Alation Data Explorer provides a collaborative data catalog for data discovery and governance to a broader set of users, thereby increasing the impact and value of data. This integration leverages Alation’s new software development kit (SDK) to embed its enterprise data search and discovery capabilities into MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy Announces Integration with Alation

CIO Dive

“We are excited by the value MicroStrategy and Alation collectively bring to business users – helping them easily navigate, search and share insights from complex and voluminous data structures like Hadoop, data lakes and data management solutions,” said Emmanuel Richard, Vice President, Global Alliances, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

GoDaddy Revamps BI Tools To Enable Self-Service


Alation’s collaboration tools also enable users to comment on particular data sources, effectively annotating data sources to identify what is most useful and guide other users. This is especially useful for the 80% of GoDaddy’s internal BI users who aren’t technologists or data experts. They are just looking for the answers they need to make their products better.

What’s in stock for Big Data in 2017; Tableau predicts


For a long time, companies threw away data because they had too much to process. With Hadoop, they can process lots of data, but the data isn’t generally organised in a way that can be found. Metadata catalogs can help users discover and understand relevant data worth analyzing using self-service tools. This gap in customer need is being filled by companies like Alation, which uses machine learning to automate the work of finding data in Hadoop.

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 11/7/2016


We also learned of new products, services and solutions starting with Alation, Inc., the collaborative data company, announced the planned Q4 release of a new product, Alation Tableau Edition and selection as strategic Technology Partner for data governance. The new Alation product, with deep integration with Tableau Server, supports a new approach to no-risk, self-service analytics. Together, Alation and Tableau embrace the freedom and speed of self-service analytics with the trust in data that comes from consistent enforcement of data governance best practices.

Sitting on a Winning Ticket for Digital Transformation – Insights from Strata Conference

Digital Enterprise Journal

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) attended Strata + Hadoop conference in New York and had a chance to discuss trends in Big Data, analytics and data management with number of vendors and user organizations. Also, we were able to append insights from the conference with findings of our Digital Transformation research and recently launched Big Data Analytics and Management survey. Here is a summary of our key takeaways.

Tableau Delivers APIs for Developers to Create New Experiences with Data Analytics


Alation helps organizations using Tableau Server to fully embrace self-service analytics while lowering the barriers to user compliance with data governance policies,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation. “We’re excited about Tableau’s new APIs because they will enable us to further enhance our joint customers’ experience by surfacing more data governance related information directly to Tableau users from within their data visualizations.”

Data Catalogs Emerge as Strategic Requirement for Data Lakes


Another vendor that’s plying the fruitful waters of data cataloging is Alation. The company originally designed its product to “learn” about data connections by observing how analysts interact. But just providing data cataloging wasn’t enough, the company says. So last week Alation announced that in its version 4.0 update, it will also track queries that run along with the data that’s collected.

Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World


Alation ( offers a data catalog that centralizes knowledge about a company’s data and how to use them. The disruption: Alation treats queries, reports, workflows and other activities or tasks as objects that people can create, use, reuse, and string together. Business users can thus discover and display data on a self-service basis, while data stewards can manage the objects to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Vendors Pile on Big Data News at Strata

Enterprise Apps Today

Alation, which builds a data catalog for collaboration, announced the upcoming release of its Alation Data Catalog 4.0 with Alation Connect. The Alation Connect capability enables queries from popular compute engines, including the Presto SQL query engine and SparkSQL.”With the introduction of Alation Connect, we catalog queries alongside reports, dashboards and data,” Satyen Sangani, Alation’s CEO, said in a statement.

Examining the top data governance tools on the market


Which tools should you consider to meet your particular governance needs? To assist your data governance program in narrowing down the choices, let’s examine the leading tools in the market from 10 vendors, applying the usage scenarios and product categories from our previous articles.

Alation joins IBM DataWorks ecosystem

IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

In a world of complexity, governance is about teaching people how to use data, not just proving compliance by adherence to workflows. You can print only so many driving manuals before it becomes apparent that traffic signs are the real solution. At Alation, we took these hypotheticals and ideally tried to craft them in to a solution that addresses these requirements for customers of IBM DataWorks. Learn more about Alation and Alation Connect.

25 Data Management Vendors Worth Watching


Forrester said that over half of the decision-makers polled said that their firms will increase MDM-as-a-service in the coming year. Who are some of the vendors that these customers will turn to for master data management and other data management solutions? Here’s a list of 25 data management companies, old and new, big and small, in alphabetical order, that can help organizations wrangle their data in an increasingly complex environment.

Alation Data Catalog helps provide collaborative data governance


Alation Data Catalog 3.8 serves as the central point of reference for data scattered across an organization and comes with tools for governance, discovery and analysis. Alation Inc.’s Data Catalog integrates with a wide range of data sources, including Hive, MySQL, IBM, Oracle, Tableau and Teradata, enabling it to import and index metadata from disparate repositories in one place.

“Finding a relevant, trustworthy dataset can be like finding a needle in a haystack” – Interview with Satyen Sangani


Dataconomy: What is a data catalog? Satyen: Much like Amazon helps users buy the right product, a data catalog helps people get the right data. A good data catalog provides rich information on all data within an organization, so members can find a relevant data set, understand what it means and where it came from, trust that it’s accurate and up-to-date, and then put it to use.

Above the Trend Line: Machine learning industry rumor central


Alation, Inc., the collaborative data company, and Teradata, a leading analytics solutions company, announced the general availability of Alation’s collaborative data catalog on the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA) for greater database and Hadoop connectivity. Now, with extended connection to the Teradata UDA, Alation catalogs queries run through Teradata QueryGrid™ and Teradata Aster® Analytics.

Top 25 Big Data Companies


Big Data companies come in many different shapes and flavors. In fact you might say, a list of Big Data companies necessarily contains vendors with highly contrasting strategies – clearly, the analytics market is in rapid flux. So, which tools and platforms should you choose? Here are 25 of the top companies to consider in the Big Data world.

Democratize the Data Lake: Make Big Data Accessible

Constellation Research

The report explores three areas where commercial vendors are filling gaps in the Hadoop stack: data management and governance, data cataloging and metadata management, and data discovery and self-service data prep. These three gaps are being filled by two camps of vendors that are complementing what’s available in Hadoop.

Data Infrastructure for Next-Gen Finance


Automated big data governance is certainly the goal, said Ben Harden. The answer of whether it is possible depends on whether anyone is willing to make the initial investments. There are a number of players and tools that are moving in that direction, he says, including Alation, Collibra, FINRA’s open source governance tool Herd, and LinkedIn’s open source data discovery and lineage portal, WhereHows.

Above the Trend Line: machine learning industry rumor central


Prowling the halls at Hadoop Summit we also heard that Alation, Inc., the collaborative data company, announced certification of its Alation platform with the Hortonworks Data Platform™ (HDP) and interoperability with Apache Tez™, the popular processing engine for Apache Hadoop™. Now analysts can more easily find and understand data in Hadoop using Alation for increased productivity and maximization of enterprise Hadoop investments.

Behavior I/O: Using Machine Learning to Empower Human Learning


In the consumer world, many companies like Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) and LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) learn from people’s behavior to help train other people to behave better. My co-founders and I asked the question: could you do the same thing in the realm of analysis? Could you use machine learning to observe behavior of analysts, ultimately using those observations to improve how their colleagues use data?

Alation Centralizes Enterprise Data Knowledge by Employing Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing


The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer big-data case study discussion focuses on the Tower of Babel problem for disparate data, and explores how Alation manages multiple data types by employing machine learning and crowdsourcing. We’ll explore how Alation makes data more actionable via such innovative means as combining human experts and technology systems.

How data governance software helps ensure the integrity of your data


Some data governance platforms are adapted from prior incarnations of data management tools, while others are new and tuned to data governance from the ground up. While obtaining the functionality needed to support your data governance program is more important than buying a particular type of tool, in general, you can look at data governance software across the following three categories:

Why Self-Service Prep Is a Killer App for Big Data


Earlier this year, [Gartner] predicted that the self-service data preparation software market would reach $1 billion by 2019, and that the current adoption rate of 5 percent would grow to 10 percent by 2020. Other analysts firms also noted the acceleration in the segment, including Forrester, which will be publishing its first Forrester Wave analyst report on self-service data prep tools later this year.

2016 Big Data 100: 30 Coolest Data Management Vendors


Alation exited stealth last year, debuting its enterprise data-accessibility platform that’s designed to help people more easily find, understand, use and govern their data for making faster and better decisions. Alation said its platform combines elements of machine learning with human insight to capture information about what the data describes, where it comes from, who’s using it and how it’s being used.

Dangers in Data Definition – How Data Quality Can Save Lives


Thought leaders from Silicon Valley to Washington to DC are rightly excited by the prospect of a future in which data science, statistics, and analytics play a larger role in the the shaping of public policy and discourse. But before computers can process large volumes of data to identify correlations, perform classifications, or generate predictive models, humans need to furnish them with appropriate data sets and understand the meaning of the raw data.

5 Startups Making Big Data Business Friendly

Enterprise Apps Today

One of the biggest trends in Big Data analytics is making data more accessible to business users, so they can make business decisions with little if any input from data scientists and other data specialists. Many companies are springing up to meet this need, including these five interesting Big Data analytics startups. Their approaches are different, but they share a common goal: Make Big Data easier for business users to find, access, analyze and use.

How human-machine collaboration has automated the data catalog


The debate between advocates of artificial intelligence (AI) and defenders of human-centric approaches presents a false dichotomy. Machines can certainly help solve the problems facing humans, but they can rarely do so alone. To be most effective, machines must learn from people and about people.

Momentum Stock: Teradata Corporation

CWRU Observer

Teradata has partnered with Alation, Inc. to re-sell the Alation Data Catalog to Teradata customers and prospects struggling to achieve trust in data – in those data environments that have grown more complex with big data. The exponential growth of data by volume and type is making it necessary to provide referential resources for collaboration among enterprise users.

Teradata and Alation Join Hands to Enhance Data Reliability in Self-Service Analytics

MarTech Advisor

Teradata, a marketing application and big data analytics firm, has announced a strategic alliance with Alation Inc., a collaborative data firm. The alliance is aimed at delivering collaborative data catalogs to enhance reliability in data to self-service analytics. Collaborative data catalogs link systems, data and people, collecting both organizational and technical information about internal data in one accessible location.

Teradata Partners with Alation to Introduce Data Catalogs that Increase Productivity

Database Trends and Applications

Teradata is entering a strategic partnership with Alation to provide a data catalog that will help users to take advantage of self-service analytics. According to both companies, data catalogs are useful in building trust because they connect the dots between data, systems, and people, and present both technical information and organizational knowledge about internal data in a single, accessible place.

Teradata and Alation Partner to Build Trust in Self-Service Analytics


Teradata has partnered with Alation, Inc. to re-sell the Alation Data Catalog to Teradata customers and prospects struggling to achieve trust in data – in those data environments that have grown more complex with big data. The exponential growth of data by volume and type is making it necessary to provide referential resources for collaboration among enterprise users.

Preparation Demands New Rigor in Big Data Age, Says Wikibon Analyst


Preparing data for analysis in the age of Big Data, with multiple data types and sources and severe time restraints, are radically different than traditional extract, transform load (ETL) procedures that have existed for a long time. In his second Alert, “Informatica & Integration vs Specialization & the Rest”, Gilbert goes into greater depth, providing notes on the leading choices, starting with individual tools such as Alation, Inc.

10 Data Analytics Predictions for 2016

Enterprise Apps Today

“A variety of tools will come in to the self-service mainstream, including data catalogs to help people discover data, data preparation tools to help people manipulate data and advanced analytical packages to help people leverage the power of data for discovery and prediction,” Sangani said.

Storage Suppliers: Who Reached for the Stars, Who Burned Up in Orbit?

The Register

The three driving trends forcing change during the year have been flash, the cloud, and multiple forms of storage SW aimed at fixing silo sprawl and other ills. It has been one of the most challenging years in history for storage suppliers, one of the most creative for storage startups, and a difficult one for customers.

What’s Next? Data Predictions from Some of Alation’s Executives


2016 is now upon us and many data professionals are discussing what they think are the next big trends on the horizon. Alation, the creators of a powerful enterprise collaborative data platform, recently asked some of their executives and co-founders about such changes.

The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups of 2015

CRN recognizes Alation as 1 of the 10 Coolest Big Data Startups of 2015. This year has seen a wave of big data startups exit stealth mode and debut their groundbreaking technologies. Here’s a look at 10 startups that caught CRN’s attention this year.

BI and Analytics Reach the Tipping Point

Database Trends and Applications

The most powerful solutions “are the ones that just remove the barriers between the time that a business person has a question and acquiring the data that can answer that question,” Alation’s Sangani added. “We’re finding progressive CIOs at modern digital companies such as eBay and Square alongside traditional grocers, auto manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and banks doing the exact same thing.”

Why You Can’t Be Data-driven Without A Data Catalog


Alation believes that the end-user needs help in not only finding data but also in finding people who know about data. Alation draws inspiration not from traditional data dictionaries but from platforms like LinkedIn, Quora and StackExhange. The idea is that as people use data, the catalog should get smarter and make better recommendations.

Hybrid Analytics Tool Allows for ‘Data Forensics’


Stephanie McReynolds, VP of marketing, Alation, Inc., talked with John Furrier and Dave Vellante of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s Media production team, at the HP Big Data Conference 2015. “The value that analytics teams are getting out of this product is really being able to access their data in human context,” McReynolds said.

These are Data’s Dark Ages, and That Needs to Change (Op-Ed)

Live Science

Sangani spent nearly a decade at Oracle following positions with the Texas Pacific Group and Morgan Stanley & Co. This Op-Ed is part of a series provided by the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers, class of 2015. Sangani contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

Alation named in CRN’s 2015 Emerging Vendors List


Alation offers a new software platform designed to empower people inside enterprises to easily find, understand, and use the right data for fast, informed decisions. Alation’s technology uses a combination of machine learning and human insight to gather contextual knowledge about a company’s data and its data systems.

Self-service data preparation tools tap into machine learning

Search Data Management

“We now have the foundations for non-technical people to get up to speed,” he said. “We’re already seeing more engagement from, for example, product managers – ones who just don’t want to spend from four to eight hours a day writing queries.”

Can Everyone in the Hadoop Market Win?


End users really don’t care about Hadoop or most other technologies that don’t face them. What’s important is to get data based answers to their questions and insights into their business so that they can make decisions. And they want these now, not after you define and design your big data architecture, select your tools, train your team…

Ping Identity Beefs Up Partner Program

Channel Insider

Alation, a data accessibility company, and Altiscale, a provider of Hadoop-as-a-service, announced a strategic partnership to help businesses generate faster insights from large volumes of data. The partnership leverages Alation’s data accessibility platform with Altiscale’s Hadoop Data Cloud to deliver collaborative analytics.

Delivering on the promise of big data

Federal Computer Week

And another firm in Silicon Valley is emerging to help companies deal with big-data problems. But instead of consulting on individual projects, venture capital-backed Alation offers its product in the form of software as a service.

5 habits of effective data-driven organizations


A senior banker – let’s call him Jack — was on a conference call attempting to close out an acquisition. The stakes were high. It was a multibillion-dollar deal and the negotiation of the final price hinged on the measurement of the target’s EBITDA, the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. Jack argued that […]

Knowledge Management: Data Access Platforms and Analytics


The movement towards self-service data access, integration, and analytics is at the core of the growing trend of empowering business users and utilizing data-centric processes to influence business and operations across vertical industries. Subsequently, there are more tools, databases, and data sources for analysts or business users to examine to purportedly influence decision making and […]

Alation comes to market

Bloor Research

Alation, from the company of the same name, is an interesting product. The company calls it a ”data accessibility platform“ in the sense of making data accessible to users rather than in the sense of disabled accessibility, but in any case it isn’t exactly clear what ”making data accessible to users“ means.