Hail to the New Chief
(of Data)


Companies today strive to be insights-driven – systematically using data to improve customer experience, streamline operations and create competitive advantage. Yet insights-driven decisions don’t come easily. Fewer than one-third of decision-makers report that their requests for support with business intelligence and advanced analytics are fulfilled within days or weeks.

Hail to the new chief (of data). Now, 51 percent of firms globally have chief data officers. While the role itself has been around for years, the mandate has shifted in recent years from locking down data to driving its use and deriving value. Top of mind for 87 percent of CDOs is getting data into the hands of users – data preparation and access through catalogs and self-service tools.

This webinar replay unveils new Forrester original research on the role of the CDO and describes how key technologies are supporting organizational development in insights-driven organizations. Register to learn how data catalogs have assisted with CDO strategic initiatives at organizations from the City of San Diego to Pfizer.

The Data Catalog Company

The Data Catalog Company

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Hail to the New Chief (of Data) 


Jennifer Belissent
Principal Analyst

Stephanie McReynolds
VP of Marketing



Original Broadcast Date: February 21, 2018

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