[Podcast] Alation at the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT)

Aaron Kalb
Head of Product

Alation CEO Satyen Sangani and Customer Development lead Anand Aidasani visited the Boulder BI Brain Trust, to talk about the challenges of data accessibility and data literacy in the modern enterprise. Listen Now!

[Podcast] Alation CEO, Satyen Sangani on After Nines

Arlene Boyd

Our CEO, Satyen Sangani, was on a podcast with After Nines around the time of our launch. In this podcast, Satyen gives an overview of the Alation product as well as describes the mission of Alation – making data accessible. And for those of you interested in learning more about the founding of Alation and […]

Challenges of Working with Big Data: Beyond the 3Vs

Venky Ganti

Among many challenges in working with big data, the 3V’s (Volume, Velocity, and Variety) have gotten a lot of attention. Googling yields many results worth reading. Almost all of these focus on technological challenges in managing and processing big data. In this post, I would like to highlight a different set issues that make working […]

The Agile Analytics Gap

David Crawford

For years we’ve been talking about agile analytics, but the implementations to date have little to recommend them. And our problems seem to revolve around the data lake. The data lake is the answer to reducing cycle time in analytics—once you have one, you no longer have to wait months for engineering to create your […]

Data Analysts Spend Lot of Time Finding and Understanding Data

Venky Ganti

In a prior blog post on challenges beyond the 3V’s of working with data, I discussed some issues which hindered the efficiency of data analysts besides drastically raising the bar on their motivation to begin working with new data. Here, I want to drill down into a couple of those issues and my past experience around […]

Using Data

Feng Niu
Lead Engineer

Organizations collect and store data all the time; at the end of the day, the goal is for software and people to use the data in technical and business decisions. The mission of Alation is to make enterprise data more accessible and usable. Through our extensive experience of building the product and talking with customers, […]

Launching Today

Satyen Sangani

Today is an exciting day for all of us at Alation. We’re finally able to share what we’ve been working on for the last two years. Soon after founding the company, we decided to let our customers determine when we launched our company and product. We had two reasons for this. First, we knew that […]

Making Data Accessible

Satyen Sangani

It’s likely that anyone reading this post believes in the power of data. Data guides people to make better decisions. Data helps people learn about the world around them. Data allows people to build amazing things. Data cuts through fiction, empowering people to work together around the facts. These truths are self evident. These truths […]